Lurch of the Beagles: Tac's struggle with pop ups part 1

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Lurch of the Beagles: Tac's struggle with pop ups part 1

Postby [N]DunkFunk » Sun Mar 10, 2013 8:57 am

Conq= France

DunkFunk = GB

Sloop = Prussia

Clinch = Austria

Max = Ottomans

Tac = Russia

So far so good a pretty experienced Conq made quite a few enemies out of just about everyone.

Sloop fell early while getting warmed up and more to a lack of experience handling the game. Didnt put up as much of a fight as he would have while a stubborness to surrender when his armies were gone cost him more than if he had just given up earlier. Prussia will rise again however. A bit of luck going Conqs way when a white peace he sent to Tac was mistakenly accepted sealed Sloops fate.

The Balkans saw a lot of action as Russia and Ottomans teed off on each others borders. GB and Austria thought me too. So far the Ottoman army is pretty much gone attrition seems to be a more pressing concern than anything else for the Russians. Istanbul is either under siege or has fallen and most of the Balkans has fallen to the Austrians. British are occupying Greece and Russians in Asia Minor and along the black sea. Max is holding onto the hope that the french will cross an entire continent to save him. :disgust:

Towards the end of the session France invaded Spain but also set about invading Austria only having to turn back as Great Britain had sacked paris and were advancing toward the soft interior of France. One major battle of around 60k British vs 120k Frenchman turned out as well as you would think the British broke and fled to a nearby fort at a strength of i think 35k while the rest of the Army fled to Britian to fight another day.

With a war in the North a war in Spain and one against Austria can the French fight against the odds? How long can Max valiantly hold onto his some 30k troops while his country burns. There is also Prussia licking her wounds quietly. The sleeping giant in Russia will his veterans of Asia Minor and the Black sea campaigns turn the tides? All the while France is putting the bayonet in and claiming Great Britain is the real enemy. :lol:

Then theres GB only wanting peace and no one to come sailing with her. :mardybum: oh well.
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