B.522 / 2v2 LoC ♣ GM Tourney

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B.522 / 2v2 LoC ♣ GM Tourney

Postby [N]Lancier » Sat Dec 03, 2016 11:44 pm

Drewsko efforts deserved a victory in fact according to me but a defeat is a defeat ... i was crap with this 7.1 lol apologize from my team mate.
Btw i dont know how we ended up here with the latest version i am not sure but probably there are many who likes it so i pipe down ...
Back to the GM tourney battle, we lost a fat fat 6 points last 15 seconds and ended as 12-1 ^^ unbelievable really! Very nice played Hiller gents and a well deserved victory, gl in 8th finals.

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