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The 100 Days Files download Repository

Postby [N]Fullin » Wed Sep 09, 2015 6:34 pm

NTW3 movie file
Beta version
updated 12/9/15 ... _RAD10.rar
1.decompress the file (preferably on your desktopand)

2. place both loc and movie file into data folder.
The loc file will replace the NTW3 vanilla file as they have the same name.

3.Launch game throu Steam( right click on the steam taskbar icon and select Napoleon Total War)

When you want to play NTW3 Vanilla again remove the movie file and launch NTW3 with the NTW3 launch screen( the big nose Old Guardsmen screen)

If you want to play the module afterwards, go to step 2.

Vassal Module Manager

This will allow you to play the campaign in real time online.

Campaign Module
To be posted here
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